They Belong in a Zoo

18 May 2009

zoo 1This child may look familiar, but these other two geeks are not her mother and father.  To her, they are something even better:  her aunt and uncle.


zoo 2Today Lillyan enjoyed a perfect Kansas spring day at the zoo with Aunt VeeVee and Uncle Aaron, who were visiting from Texas.  You can think of Kansas as the staging lanes for the big Colorado cabin-interior-finishing trip.


zoo 3The highlight of the zoo day was the elephant training session.  This elephant, “Stephanie”, did all kinds of tricks for us.


zoo 4We checked out this mama sheep up close, and Lillyan even got to see her feed her baby.


zoo 5Even though she had a wagon to share, this was the preferred method of travel around the zoo.


zoo 6Lillyan shared the day with her “outlaw cousin”.  He is Lillyan’s Aunt’s nephew, but not her cousin.  Figure that one out.


zoo 7It sure is nice to have people who have nothing better to do than cater to your every want and desire and shower you with love and affection.  Can I get some of those people?  Lillyan seems to have plenty to share.