Teething (again?) at Two

dentist 1

Lillyan has a bit of an advantage.  While most kids are a bit nervous of the dentist’s office, she wants to go there all the time.  Her grandmother is the office manager there, and it’s a fun experience every visit — even the ones where you actually get your teeth examined.

dentist 2Lillyan loves the fun moving chairs, and she’d been talking for weeks about having Mrs. Natalie polish her teeth when we got to Kansas.

dentist 3Mrs. Natalie explained each instrument first, and, of course, Lillyan had plenty of questions and was very interested in the mechanics of the whole thing.

dentist 4First, Mrs. Natalie counted Lillyan’s teeth.  Right now, as we speak, Lillyan is in the process of getting FIVE new teeth.  That will put her at the full twenty (no more until she’s about six, thank goodness).  Maybe getting five new teeth at once explains a little of the grouchiness lately.  I guess I’ll cut her some slack.  But only until the teeth are in.

dentist 5Here is Lillyan trying out the air-water syringe.  She didn’t mind the water, but wasn’t interested in having the suction hose in her mouth.  She told Mrs. Natalie she could just do that part herself.  “Slllluuuuuuurrrppppp.”

dentist 6It was finally time for the much anticipated POLISHING.  Amazingly, she held still for Mrs. Natalie to polish every one of those 20 teeth.  The principle is that if she starts to be accustomed to it now, dentist visits should continue to be a pleasant experience.  Let’s hope that principle holds true.

dentist 7All done!  And not a tear was shed or a fuss was heard.  One dentist appointment down, 199 more to go.


3 Responses to Teething (again?) at Two

  1. Heidi says:

    Yay Lillyan! Your teeth are extra beautiful now!

  2. TexasRed says:

    Aww! Looks like a very positive experience!

  3. Amy T. says:

    Lydia has not been to the dentist yet, but I doubt she would have such a fuss-free experience. I’m not sure how many teeth she has… I will count when she wakes up.

    I love those cheeks and those curls!

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