A New Cousin

j&k wedding 1Lillyan’s cousin ‘Manda (Amanda, to the rest of us) is one of Lillyan’s favorite people.  In this photo, ‘Manda is trying to do a very important job, but Lillyan still thinks she should have all of ‘Manda’s attention.

Amanda is the maid of honor at her sister Jamie’s wedding (also our cousin, of course).


j&k wedding 2Our cousin Jamie married this guy:  Kevin.  That makes Kevin our new cousin.  New cousins aren’t always babies, you know.  Sometimes they are big strong farmers from Western Kansas who take our other cousin away to be a farmer’s wife.  We’re not sad though, because we got a new cousin we like.  And they come to visit us in our desert sometimes (like to get engaged and stuff like that).


j&k wedding 3Lillyan sures likes her new cousin.  She likes him enough to cut in and ask him to dance, all by herself.  She didn’t mind much when the bride came back to share the dance, too.  (Here is where all of you make comments about how cute they look with a little girl between them.  And Lillyan looks very much like Jamie did at that age, so let your imaginations run … but give them a second, they just got married.)


j&k wedding 4I know Jamie’s Daddy remembers when he could cuddle his little girl like he is cuddling Lillyan.  Luckily, Lillyan’s Daddy wasn’t at this wedding to have to think about those kind of growing-up things.


j&k wedding 5There were other little girls at this wedding.  They brought their baby dolls and teddy bears, etc.  In true Lillyan fashion, she chose to bring these two fishing lures.  They are big and bright and floppy and slimy and sticky.  And they went everywhere with her at this wedding.  Here, she’s showing them off to the bride’s momma.


j&k wedding 6GeeBee and I were responsible for decorating the cake and memory tables.


j&k wedding 7Notice everything going on in this photo:  the pretty cake table, the bride and groom feeding each other cake, Lillyan being amused by these odd traditions, and the ever-present lime green and blue fishing lures.


j&k wedding 8Perhaps the most odd of all these traditions (imagine if YOU had never been to an American wedding before, you’d be confused too), was when they announced that any ladies who were not married should come out on the dance floor.  Onto the dance floor she trudged, willingly.  Lillyan and her fish almost got trampled in the midst of the crazy single ladies, trying to catch flowers flying through the air.  Let’s hope it’s 30 years before she ever catches those flying flowers.



One Response to A New Cousin

  1. redgatefarm says:

    That post is too cute! I LOVE the fishing lures thing!

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