The First Hair(s)cut


haircut 1

By two-and-a-half, Lillyan finally needed a haircut.  It’s not that I was at all sentimental about her first haircut and couldn’t part with her baby locks — it’s just that her hair didn’t grow long enough to warrant cutting until now.

It may be a little crazy, but Lillyan and I both get our hair cut in Kansas.  We can pay for plane tickets to Wichita and our haircuts for the price of stylist visit in Las Vegas.  And we like our stylist in Kansas.  She’s Daddy’s cousin Kaylee. 

Lillyan has seen Kaylee do my hair so many times that just before Kaylee started cutting, Lillyan asked, “But can you please wash my hair in that sink first?”

haircut 3

Apparently, Lillyan enjoys the shampoo as much as I do.

haircut 4

I’m not sure if it was because she’s watched me get my haircut so many times (Kaylee is always happy to let her hang out in the shop and hold the dustpan for cleanup) … 

haircut 5

… or because she has learned to sit still when necessary …

haircut 6

 … or because she just enjoys the pampering, but Lillyan was a professional haircut-ee.

haircut 7

Kaylee even styled her curls with the blow dryer, which is a rare treat for a curly-headed girl (she gets those curls from her Daddy, obviously, not from me).

haircut 8

“Just a little trim” and “no more little baby hairs” — those were the instructions Lillyan gave Kaylee from the start.  Looks like Kaylee followed the instructions beautifully.  Here’s the before and after …

haircut before after 

Just ask for Kaylee — but book ahead — her schedule’s pretty full.


2 Responses to The First Hair(s)cut

  1. Amy T. says:

    Lydia didn’t get her hair cut until age 2.5 either, but I was TOTALLY sentimental about it. I’m such a sap.

    Those curls are adorable!

  2. I just had one of the best picture showes of all time. Loved every one of them. Looking forward to seeing you when you are in KS in Sept. Look up my web site at all the new things Mary Kay has to offer.

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