Have You Cuddled Your Otter Today?

roos 1

This is our new friend “Snork”.  He is an Asian Small-Clawed Otter, and he made my day.


roos 2

He’s horribly cuddly and makes funny “snork-y” sounds continuously while he snuggles.


roos 3

He  loves to snack on ice cubes, likes swimming in cool water and is a great kisser.  He’s looking for love in the Nevada desert.


roos 4

Snork has some very nice Kangaroo friends.  They all live to together, with about 150 other wild animals at Roos ‘n’ More, a zoo / animal rescue north of Las Vegas. 


roos 5

This coatimundi decided that just wasn’t enough friends and wanted Lillyan to join their group.


roos 6

The two-toed sloth gave Lilly the eye from upside down.  He was interested, just moving a little slowly. 


roos 7

And the Bactrian camel was much more interested in Lillyan than she was in him. 


roos 8

Daddy was all about this “Zee-donk”, but he apparently already had enough friends.


roos 9

A little girl who believes you can never have too many friends, though, is this little Capuchin monkey “Caico”.  Our friends invited us on this adventure — I think mostly to get to spend more time with this monkey.  Caico could not get enough of Mrs. D.  I’m sure Mrs. D would take Caico home, given the chance.


roos 10

I’ll tell you what WON’T be coming home with us, and that’s this African crested porcupine.  While they are friendly and curious, their cuddle factor doesn’t quite match the otter’s.  And I’m afraid that’s one family adventure that might have a bit of a sticky ending.


3 Responses to Have You Cuddled Your Otter Today?

  1. redgatefarm says:

    I LOVE this post! Lilly is always too cute! And, you’re right. I only invited you for selfish reasons….I can’t resist spending more time with Caico! In fact, don’t laugh, but we are currently working on something for M’s birthday, and we are trying to arrange for that something to have a little monkey and some lemurs involved! Stay tuned for more info!

  2. Amy T. says:

    We went to the zoo today too, but we didn’t do any otter-cuddling, just some semi-gross giraffe feeding. Great pictures!

  3. GeeBee says:

    Grandma Great is really worried about the porcupine. It could be dangerous.

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